Stay at Home Mum Jobs Online

As a busy mum you will be used to devoting lots of time to your family, but with the increasing cost of living, you may also want to find ways to generate some extra income at the same time. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it's perfectly possible to find ways to earn money online which can be fitted around your busy family life.

Complete Online Surveys

In today's competitive market, companies don't want to waste money on product development without knowing they are going to get a good return for their investment. To do this, they carry out market research into a whole host of different products and services, so by signing up to some of the online survey sites, you can make money by telling them what you think. Reputable sites such as SurveySavvy or Toluna South Africa are free to join, and you can then find out about available surveys either by signing in or via emails. You need to have a bit of patience for this, as it's quite common to get 'screened out' of survey if you don't fit the customer profile for that particular set of questions, but there is money to be made if you are persistent. Some sites focus on specific subjects. For example, the Brand Institute produces surveys about medical matters, so do a little research to find which sites work best for you.

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Use Your Skills

It may be that you are already skilled and qualified to offer services online. Accounting and bookkeeping are just two possible jobs that you can do with a good internet connection. Most businesses nowadays keep electronic records, and it's completely feasible to run an online accountancy business from home. Of course, this service may be less easy to fit around your existing commitments, as you might need to devote concentrated time to it, but it's perhaps possible if you know you can work at it once your children are in bed, or if you can share childcare with a partner to give you the time you need to complete jobs.

Sell Your Photos

This is something of a 'specialist' option, but if you are a keen photographer, and can take high quality photos, you could earn money by selling your photos to an online photo agency. It's important to use good equipment (a DSLR camera rather than an iPhone!) and you will need a good eye for an interesting photo opportunity, but sites such as iStockPhoto and Fotolia will pay for good images, and also offer useful advice about taking and preparing suitable photos to increase your chance of success.

Make the Most of Your Knowledge

Parenting is a demanding and busy role, so why not make the most of your skills and knowledge by using the internet to target other parents? You could consider setting up an online business to sell baby items such as slings, clothing and toys. Sites such as PetitPoppet offer an online shop, but also have a local element, using a network of parents to offer support to others, such as giving advice about the best baby slings. By including blogs and forums, this kind of online site can develop into a thriving business.

So, don't think that being at home with your family prevents you from earning money! Have the best of both worlds, by spending quality time with your children, whilst harnessing the internet to help you increase your spending power.