Make Money Online Market Research Surveys

Reaping the Potential

A recent estimation by the US Census Bureau forecasts that the South African population will stand at nearly 49 million by the end of 2012 with an average Gross National Income per capita of 53,298ZAR (6,100 USD). Included in the Goldman Sach -defined BRICS family of leading global growth markets alongside Brazil, Russia, India and China, South Africa is viewed as one of the major emerging worldwide economies with a huge potential in mineral wealth and a population of confident consumers ready to embrace new products and services as they become increasingly available.

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A study released in May 2012 by World Wide Worx indicated that internet usage had risen 25% in the past 12 months from 6.8 million in 2010 to 8.5 million by the close of 2011. That number is forecast to reach 10 million by the end of 2012. As commented by Howzit MSM Executive Producer, Justin Zemke, this will have "huge implications for media and social networks". Many leading international Market Research professionals have also seen the potential in utilizing the input from this invaluable source of consumers and decision makers and are offering earning opportunities to those individuals who would like to share their opinions to help shape the products and services on offer in the future.

Making your Opinion Count

Provided by German Market Research specialists, Dr Grieger & Cie, MOBROG (South Africa) will offer their panel of online operatives between 5 - 35ZAR for each short survey they complete, making payments directly into the participant's PayPal account. This globally integrated service uses research data collection to assist their clients with product and service development contributing to scientific and market led advancements for utilization in the South African market.

Panel members are informed in advance of the duration of the survey and how much they will receive by way of a reward. They will then be requested to submit their personal details and complete the survey honestly and to the best of their ability. MOBROG guarantee that all personal information will be secure, will only be used for demographic purposes and will not be passed to any third party.

Earning Rewards through Opinion Sharing

As the founding member of AIRON (African Independent Research Operators Network), Plus 94 Research is based in Johannesburg with offices in the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal. The company provides both consumer and B2B (business to business) research through its Plus 94 Community Panel allowing manufacturers and service providers to access consumer feedback, enhancing the potential for future development.

Plus 94 offer free enrollment for its community members and provides a rewards scheme where the points awarded for the successful completion of the online surveys may be exchanged for prizes and products. The company will use the personal demographic information provided by the community member to match them with a suitable survey for them to complete.

Further opportunities for earning an income through online market research surveys can be accessed by using providers such as Vottle Classifieds and the Johannesburg based Locanto Market Research Company who currently have vacancies available for community panel members. Individuals can earn up to 280ZAR for the completion of a 5-10 minute survey.