Paid Surveys – A Great Way to Make Money on the Side

I sometimes think the younger generation – that's you if you are under thirty – doesn't realise how good life is these days. In my youth, the only phones we had were dial-up ones with signal cables plugged into the walls.

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To make things worse, we had no computers except for those new-fangled pocket calculators. The closest thing we had to Google was the library.

"How gross," I hear you say. Actually, things were quite good in other ways. There was hardly any crime, you could leave the keys in the car overnight and walk back home alone in the evening. Only the banks had burglar alarms.

On the downside, it was not easy to earn extra pocket money. True, you could always wash the neighbour's car, although you ran the risk of teasing at school the following day. The only surveys were where someone stopped you in the street and asked if you preferred Coke or Pepsi. Did they offer payment for your time? You must be kidding!

I find the free service offered by SurveyCompare a refreshing development, especially as they reward me for taking part in surveys. Moreover, I can do it anywhere I like, as long as there is an internet connection of some kind. I decided to dedicate this blog to describing how SurveyCompare works, just in case you have not tried it yet. Here are the highlights.

  • To get started, all you need do is register, which is quick and absolutely free. They just need to know some stuff about you so they can pay you when you're done. You will soon start getting survey invites from your chosen market research companies, which you can accept or refuse according to your preferences. It's almost like Christmas all year round, and the instructions are very simple too.

  • Everything happens online, so you can do it on your smartphone, laptop, desktop or interactive television if you have one. Throughout the process rewards flow to you and not the other way around. Your only cost is your internet connection. If you have access to free wi-fi, you have no costs at all.

  • You can earn as much or as little as you like, although not all rewards are paid out in cash. However, please don't think you are going to get rich this way. The numbers do not add up. This is about earning extra income when you need it, not going out and buying a BMW. Payments are by PayPal. Gifts and vouchers arrive in the post.

  • You are probably wondering how Survey Compare makes its money. Good question, and thanks for asking. The website is supported - and paid for - by the survey companies. One hand washes the other. This is how things ought to be. With such connections, the question of whether it is a scam or not becomes unnecessary.

  • Although there is no contract as such, the site is UK-registered meaning that it meets tough UK standards. Your personal details are kept on secure servers, and never disclosed to third parties unless you request this. The system is rock solid, as you would expect from a company of this quality. However, social responsibility does dictate that you must be at least aged thirteen to participate.

  • That's about it, I guess. If you still have concerns please send SurveyCompare an email. The boys and girls work 24/7 in case your question is urgent. The only thing Survey Compare asks in return is that you take their survey questions seriously, and answer them as honestly as you can. What you think is important. The truth matters... tell it!

So there you have it in a nutshell - the simplest, easiest and sweetest way to earn pocket money on the side, honestly and safely too. The other day I wanted to take a special friend out to dinner and a movie just before payday, but found all my cards were maxed. No problem, I just did a few quick paid surveys, got paid for them, and enjoyed a great night out. No risky Wonga loans for me!