What Stay At Home Parents Could Do

Some parents choose to stay at home to raise the family. While this role previously belonged to wives this is no longer automatically the case. “Pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen” can also mean “make and barefoot in the kitchen” and there is no shame in that. The question is, what to do with the time when the little ones are sleeping, and the older ones at school.

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Sometimes the situation answers itself because many working roles are well suited to doing 'back at base'. Anything done on a computer can be done anywhere on a computer, especially if there is an internet connection nearby. Some examples of suitable careers include:

  • Accounting
  • CAD Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Programming
  • Penny Stocks

Of course, it may not be necessary to work at all, because the other half earns enough to cover all the household costs. Many traditional wives are in this role and trust me it is no easy gig especially if you do not want a servant. Sadly, some fall into the trap of letting daily needs fill the available hours and slipping into a passive, menial role. I wrote this blog for all those stay-at-home parents who do not want to follow that line, and here is what you need to do.

Separate the Issues

Agree your domestic outputs with your partner. What does 'cleaning the house' mean, and how often is this necessary. What is the objective of the yard: a landscaped garden or an open space where the kids can play? Should you go shopping weekly or once a day? Decide how much time to allocate to each task per week, on the basis that you may need to make changes as you go along.

Draw Up a Work Schedule

Make a table with as many hours in it as your partner is away at work, and allocate yourself a similar lunch break - well you are a worker aren't you? Block in your daily workload trying to keep a continuous space open. That is your private time, to do what you wish by negotiation. Of course, during times your partner is at home you will share the tasks, as you well may be doing now!

You now know the extent of your free stay-at-home time. The big question is, what should you do with it. Several thoughts spring to mind. You could...

  • Earn extra money from home so the family can take an ocean cruise
  • Improve your prospects for the future through self-study via UNISA
  • Get involved in the hobby you always wanted but had no time for previously
  • Earn a href="https://join.surveycompare.co.za">pocket money on the internet
  • Put something back into society, which is what I am writing about today

My Personal Challenge to You

South Africa is a land of opportunity, which Madiba hoped would provide a better life for everyone. The difficulty - as we are discovering - is that there are insufficient resources to achieve what we want for many years to come. The greatest disadvantage is our inadequate national skill set. I believe the answer lies in each of us walking the extra mile and making a personal contribution.

If you have spare time on your hands there are many things you could do to make that difference. Please note I am talking about charitable work where you are only paid expenses. If you want real money, then work from home in one of the roles that I suggested.

Maybe I have switched you on. If so, I hope you find your calling. At some time in life we all need help, and often depend on volunteers. If you have spare time this is the perfect opportunity to invest in your future now, so you have credits banked when you need them later.