Product Testing Market Research Jobs

Someone's Got To Do It!

Product testing market research jobs are a fun way to earn a little extra money at home. They provide a great opportunity for just about anyone since different companies and products need a different profile of testers. Many companies are looking for people to test their products, give them honest feedback and suggest improvements before they roll them out to the general public. Some pay in cash for the reviews, but with many you simply get to keep the product which is still a good deal. The products can be just about anything. Throughout the World Wide Web are companies looking for all kinds of people to test anything from toiletries to the latest gadgets, to make up, baby products and toys. Basically, if you can buy it someone will need to have tested it first. Why not you?

product testing

So How Do I Go About Finding a Product Testing Job?

The trick is finding the genuine companies. Type product testing market research into a search engine and you will be met with thousands of web pages. Some ask for money to provide a list of the best companies. Some promise you will earn thousands of pounds per week from home. Don’t believe it! Signing up to a product testing website should be simple and free - never pay any charges upfront. Fill in the information to receive a username and password. Once you have joined the site, make sure you fill in any available profile surveys, and do them honestly. This will enable the company to see if you meet their profile for the particular product. That doesn’t mean that you will be the one to test all the products they bring out. They may be looking for a 20 year old man to test a video game and if you don’t fit that profile you won’t get the product, but it does give you the best chance of being sent products relevant to you and your life.

It may take a few weeks before you start to receive products, and the more informative reviews you give, the more products you are likely to be asked to test. When you start to receive the products for testing, use them and enjoy. Remember to think of the feedback you want to give while using them and take notes. Give a full review and answer any questions in the feedback as accurately and in as much detail as you can and the company will be more likely to use you again in the future.

Keeping It Real

Product testing market research jobs sound like a dream come true, but the reality is they are hard to find. You have to be vigilant and keep checking the website as many people want to do these jobs and often the company will want a limited number of people who match a specific profile to test the product. There is no 40 hour per week with paid holidays and bank holidays packages. You won’t suddenly find yourself dripping in free designer jewellery and clothes and be paid for the privilege. If you go into the product testing world with realistic expectations, it is, however, a very enjoyable way to benefit from free products and a little extra cash in your own home, allowing you to enjoy more time with your family or doing the things you love.