Get Paid to Do Surveys in South Africa

Finding online work can be difficult if you live outside of America. A significant number of the firms who offer online work are based in the USA and most require you to be a US citizen to work for them. However, it is still possible to get paid to do surveys in South Africa.

Getting Started

Finding survey opportunities in South Africa is actually quite easy. You just need a PC with internet access to get started. A basic search using the search terms 'paid surveys' or 'online surveys' will bring back a reasonable list of marketing firms who are looking for people to take surveys online. You will also find opportunities to take surveys listed on 'work at home' or 'earn money online' forums.

paid surveys

Occasionally, you will come across firms who ask you to pay to sign up with survey firms. You should avoid these so-called companies because they are mostly scammers. Despite their claims, they rarely, if ever, offer any opportunities you cannot find yourself using popular search engines like Google, MSN or Intenext.

Sign up with as many firms as you can. However, do not create multiple accounts with the same firm. If you are caught doing this, you are very likely to be sacked. You could also lose any money you have already earned.

Most surveys are written in English, but they are slowly becoming available in other languages like Afrikaans. If you have your own PC or laptop you will be able to complete more surveys.

What You Can Earn

Taking surveys is easy work that can be done during your spare time. Most surveys last around twenty minutes. How many surveys you are asked to do depends on things like your age, what you do for a living and to some extent where you live.

Most survey firms work on a first come first served basis. Once their survey quota is full, they close the survey to other people. They normally notify you of availability via email. People who check their email on a regular basis will get more work.

You will earn between 8 and 24 rand for most surveys. Occasionally, you will be offered one that pays between 40 and 80 rand. Some survey companies give you points for completing their surveys. When you have enough points, they allow you to cash these in for vouchers, gifts or money. Occasionally companies will ask you to complete surveys for entries into prize draws. Their surveys tend to be really short and easy to do, but you are not guaranteed to earn anything for your efforts.

Things to Avoid

As we have already said, it is best to avoid those firms who ask you to pay to join their panels. They are normally scammers. Firms that claim you can earn hundreds of rand per survey also have to be approached with caution.

It is also wise to avoid those firms who require you to earn over 60 or 70 rand before you can get your money. It can take months or even years to earn enough to get paid.