Online Job Opportunities for Students Go On For Ever

Students never have enough money. Thank heavens for the internet where you can dip in and out of things between assignments and going to lectures. The neat thing is that your parents and teachers need never know what are you are doing. This means you can spend your extra income on anything you want, which makes the sky the limit.

Student at the library

Jobs are scarce in South Africa right now. The internet on the other hand is genuinely democratic. You can work for anyone you want as long as you have a computer, a high-speed connection and can speak their language. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Teach Someone Something

Everybody in Asia is trying to learn English, but local tuition costs are so high that few succeed. Websites like Odesk have many opportunities to earn a hundred rand an hour and more. Thanks to Skype, you can talk for hours without it costing you a single cent. All you need to add to your PC or Mac is a set of headphones and a microphone.

You can also coach a student over emails. Let's say you are in your third year of accounting at Nelson Mandela Bay University. You could easily tutor a matric student or a first year fresher. Just don't fall into the trap of doing their assignments for them. Besides being illegal, they will probably fail their exams because they did not study properly. Here a few neat jobsites to get you started:

Grab a Micro Job

All of us have a natural skill that we do exceptionally well. This could be anything from street dancing to surfing to the philosophy of art. At any moment of the day or night someone, somewhere on the planet needs you to practice your talent in one of these amazingly simple ways, and will pay you while you do it:

  • Write reviews about gadgets you know well
  • Comment on other people's blogs
  • Post entries on social media sites like Facebook
  • Join a Forum and exchange ideas

Traders on the Internet are willing to pay good money for doing this, because it boosts their Google rankings. South Africans are sought after in this regard because we speak English and our weak rand allows us to work for less. Who knows, you might make enough money to holiday in Durban come Christmastime! Here are a few tips to get you going:

Play Games for Money

I am certainly not suggesting trying your hand at Internet poker games. The tables are rigged and they only let you win a few times to suck you in. You could also find the police knocking at your door at midnight because it is strictly illegal!

I am actually referring to the fact that internet game developers pay students to test their latest offerings and see if they can break them. Imagine that. Your mum walks in and gates you. What a pleasure to tell her that you are working!

These great websites have a second motive. They want to sell advertising which is how they make their money. The neat trick they pull is to pay students to visit them, so they look busier than they really are. We learn something new every day!

Write an Article or Two

This one is really for English language graduates, or high school kids with natural language talent. Content is King on Google, and there is unbelievable demand for articles, blogs and press releases. One of the main criteria is that this content must be fresh baked and totally original. If you have not done this before you could find yourself in high demand on any of the following websites:

There is no need to stress if you have not done this before. Employers out there on the Internet are always on the lookout for newbies because their ideas are fresh. Find one willing to give you a heads up, and you are onto a winner.

Take a Data Entry Job

The Internet consists of data, so it makes sense that webpreneurs need somebody to upload it for them. While this is one of the lowest-paid choices we list, it really is a no-brainer. Smooth operators do it while watching television or talking to their friends. Neatest of all is that you can do the job when it suits at any time of day or night. Here are a few sites we found that are literally queuing up to work with you.

Remember to look for the link to data entry jobs, as these sites are kitchen sink operators that sell just about everything!

Find Real Jobs Online

Working on the internet is not for everybody. Many students prefer to temp instead. More and more companies are advertising on the Internet because they can text you directly on your phone. Cool opportunities include:

  • Shift work at late night outlets like Bimbo's
  • Packing Pick & Pay shelves outside shopping hours
  • Working as a dispatcher in a Woolworths distribution warehouse

Get Into Surveys

All of the above opportunities require you to have some or other skill. The opportunities provided by SurveyCompare are unique in that they represent all the online survey companies, so you can choose the ones that suit you best. And they charge you absolutely nothing for the service.