Do Consumer Surveys Work?

Market surveys are the bread and butter of Survey Compare. We have a large database of participating members, and are constantly comparing the rewards and services offered by South Africa’s market research companies. We do this for two reasons. We like to make sure that people who take paid surveys get the best rewards for their time. We also hope to influence South African companies to supply the right goods, and at prices that we can afford. I’d like to start by using the following graphic published by the Global Solar Thermal Energy Council... Read Full Article »

How Multiple-Choice Questions Work in Surveys

Many surveys that SurveyCompare hosts comprise multiple-choice questions. While these admittedly do narrow down the answers, they speed up the process and simplify analysis later. In this article we tackle a few old chestnuts and try our best to answer them. Are surveys accurate Do they put words in peoples' mouths Why the format of the questions How best to answer them Are the results reliable Should you crook the answers The first multiple-choice questions tested the intelligence of First World War American recruits almost a hundred years... Read Full Article »

How to Avoid Scam Paid Survey Sites

Aren't They All Just Scams? In today's tough economy, many people are looking to the Internet to try and earn some extra money. A quick search engine search will reveal an almost endless list of survey sites offering cash simply for giving your opinion. Such sites seem like ideal solution. After all, how hard can it really be to fill in a few surveys? Others, however, remain skeptical. Are there companies that really pay you just for your opinion? Surely they're no more than scams. And, indeed, this may be true of some. In this article we will... Read Full Article »

Get Paid to Do Surveys in South Africa

Finding online work can be difficult if you live outside of America. A significant number of the firms who offer online work are based in the USA and most require you to be a US citizen to work for them. However, it is still possible to get paid to do surveys in South Africa. Getting Started Finding survey opportunities in South Africa is actually quite easy. You just need a PC with internet access to get started. A basic search using the search terms 'paid surveys' or 'online surveys' will bring back a reasonable list of marketing firms who... Read Full Article »

Make Money Online Market Research Surveys

Reaping the Potential A recent estimation by the US Census Bureau forecasts that the South African population will stand at nearly 49 million by the end of 2012 with an average Gross National Income per capita of 53,298ZAR (6,100 USD). Included in the Goldman Sach -defined BRICS family of leading global growth markets alongside Brazil, Russia, India and China, South Africa is viewed as one of the major emerging worldwide economies with a huge potential in mineral wealth and a population of confident consumers ready to embrace new products and... Read Full Article »

Earn Money At Home with Paid Online Surveys

Spare Time Earnings If you've got a little spare time on your hands where undertaking some simple tasks and jobs at home would really help your household finances, then taking paid online surveys could be just the thing for you. Paid online surveys offer you the flexibility to choose when you want to earn, so whether you choose to take surveys when the children are at school, or at other quiet times during your day, it's entirely up to you. Read Full Article »