Should You Be Working at Home?

This week I decided to explain why working from home is a pleasure, and not something to feel bad about. Certainly, when I took my package from Koeberg in 1997 my family thought I had fallen from glory and was something of a disgrace. 'He won't make it outside' some of my colleagues sneered. The day I drove of the plant after shaking hands with friends and foes, I will admit I had second thoughts myself. Fortunately, my partner and I were already running a successful business on the side, so money was not the issue. It was more a feeling that... Read Full Article »

Online Job Opportunities for Students Go On For Ever

Students never have enough money. Thank heavens for the internet where you can dip in and out of things between assignments and going to lectures. The neat thing is that your parents and teachers need never know what are you are doing. This means you can spend your extra income on anything you want, which makes the sky the limit. Read Full Article »

Eureka! Have You Really Found It?

We all learned from our school days that the word "Eureka" is the ancient Greek word for "I found it". Many South Africans have done just that - come up with earth-shattering ideas, that is. Take Mark Shuttleworth for example. Entrepreneur of note, and multi-dollar billionaire to boot, he is renowned for converting his big-thinking ideas into cash, serious money! Mark is but one of a long list of names to have emerged famous from our sun-drenched shores. Perhaps you have a one-of-a-kind-idea of your own, one that you really want to broadcast... Read Full Article »

Is Working from Home Right for You?

Working from home is hardly a new concept in the South African context. Indeed, many of us have been successfully making money this way for years. The internet has expanded opportunities for a work from home situation, but there are many other possibilities as well. What’s more, not having to commute is one big plus to start with. Once up to speed, you can decide when you want to work, and for how long too. Make sure you have the correct tools of your trade to get you through your workload. A good internet connection is vital to any computer-... Read Full Article »

Earn Regular Income While Staying at Home

South Africans rediscovered their pride after the 1994 elections, branching out into new careers and exploring buried talents. A growing number of us prefer to be self-employed. This is because of the freedom this gives us to: Work from our home base Decide our working hours Set our hourly rates Choose the jobs we do There are other compelling reasons too. These include the pride that self-employment brings, and the opportunity to achieve our full potential. Who would not want to be financially independent? Who would not prefer to stay at... Read Full Article »

Data Entry Jobs Working From Home

Anyone who wants to earn a few extra rand should consider working online. It is increasingly easy to find data entry jobs working from home. The Work Read Full Article »

Best Ways to Earn Money At Home

Earning Money from Home: Fact or Fiction? There are many different ways you can earn money from home, whether you are a stay at home mum, a student or just want to put a little extra money away for a rainy day. There are loads of jobs online available to everyone. You just need to know where to look. Read Full Article »