Paid Surveys the SurveyCompare Way

Dealing with strangers on the Internet is always a little worrisome, especially when they start asking for personal details like your ID number and address. Every week the Sunday Times and other regional papers report stories of people who lost money.

I was especially pleased to discover this great website. I immediately felt that I could trust it. The months that followed confirmed that this is true.

I discovered that survey opportunities are almost endless, especially after I chose SurveyCompare as my moneymaking partner. Marketers have a bottomless appetite for customer feedback, and actually prefer Internet surveys because every survey is internally consistent. I have won all sorts of benefits by participating, including cash, vouchers and free products. This helps supplement my income, because I can choose how much I want to earn.

I had looked at dozens of other survey sites before. What held me back was the fear of identity theft, and other people running up debts in my name that I might have to pay. This website holds UK Registration. This means it has to meet standards that South Africa and most other countries lag far behind.

  • My personal information is locked away in secure servers
  • I benefit from protection under the Data Security Act
  • Every survey invitation matches the criteria I set
  • I can opt out at any time and never hear from them again

Of course, I would never dream of opting out because SurveyCompare suits me perfectly and I love hearing from them. I just mentioned it for the sake of completeness.

Let's Do It Now

To get started, simply logon to SurveyCompare, select the survey companies you prefer (I chose them all) and complete a dead simple form that takes about a moment. Within a matter of another few minutes, your mailbox could be full of genuine requests from survey firms begging you to register with them and start earning benefits.
How easy is that? It is so much better than sitting in a shop behind the counter, or handing out pamphlets at the robots outside shopping malls!

So What Does It Cost?

The final clincher that made me decide to go ahead is that SurveyCompare does not charge a cent ever. That means you only ever pay them mahala, nothing, zilch or niks for their trouble. Sure, they get paid commission by the survey companies. But where else on the Internet can you earn free money, without paying something first?

There Is No Catch

Corruption, fraud and crime are alive and well in South Africa. We all have our senses tuned, and half-expect daylight robbery. In the case of SurveyCompare, their service is totally free. Ask yourself a simple question. How can there be the slightest risk when you pay them nothing?

Is this Legit?

You know from my picture that I am no youngster. I am also smart enough to know that when I get involved in something illegal I have no rights. Have you heard of the World Association for Market, Social and Opinion Research ESOMAR yet? If so, you will be glad to know that that all the survey companies linked to this website are members, and have also fully affiliated with the international Market Research Society.

Great Opportunity for Learners Too

Would you like to make some extra pocket money that you do not have to tell Mom and Dad about? Did you know that some of the survey companies SurveyCompare affiliated with allow you to register when you turn thirteen? Everybody is welcome to join up from age sixteen onwards. Just imagine what you could do with all the extra money!

Earn As Much As You Want

The sky really is the limit with SurveyCompare. Unlike a regular job, I can dip in and out of it according to my mood and sign up with multiple survey companies without them even knowing. When I pick off the offers I feel like doing, I am in total control of my financial freedom. How much better is that than doing errands for somebody else for almost nothing? You can sign up right now.